Rev. Zachary Herbster

Pastor Zachary Herbster with wife Julia and daughter Mabel, July 2023

Rev. Herbster with wife Julia and daughter Mabel

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Ruling Elders

“Ruling elders, individually and jointly with the pastor in the session, are to lead the church in the service of Christ. They are to watch diligently over the people committed to their charge to prevent corruption of doctrine or morals… They should visit the people, especially the sick, instruct the ignorant, comfort the mourning, and nourish and guard the children of the covenant.”The Book of Church Order

Mr. Ward Gibson, Clerk of Session

Mr. Ward Gibson, Elder, Clerk of Session

Mr. Rob Kafka

Mr. Rob Kafka, Elder

Mr. John Witthohn


“Deacons are called to show forth the compassion of Christ in a manifold ministry of mercy toward the saints and strangers on behalf of the church. To this end they exercise, in the fellowship of the church, a recognized stewardship of care and of gifts for those in need or distress.”The Book of Church Order

Mr. Gene Mehmel

Mr. Chris Corson


Ordination service for Chris and Tom Corson