Rev. Steve McDaniel

The Pastor of Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

According to our Form of Government:

Christ’s undershepherd in a local congregation of God’s people, who joins with the ruling elders in governing the congregation, is called a pastor. It is his charge to feed and tend the flock as Christ’s minister and with the other elders to lead them in all the service of Christ. It is his task to conduct the public worship of God; to pray for and with Christ’s flock as the mouth of the people unto God; to feed the flock by the public reading and preaching of the Word of God, according to which he is to teach, convince, reprove, exhort, comfort, and evangelize, expounding and applying the truth of Scripture with ministerial authority, as a diligent workman approved by God; to administer the sacraments; to bless the people from God; to shepherd the flock and minister the Word according to the particular needs of groups, families, and individuals in the congregation, catechizing by teaching plainly the first principles of the oracles of God to the baptized youth and to adults who are yet babes in Christ, visiting in the homes of the people, instructing and counseling individuals, and training them to be faithful servants of Christ; to minister to the poor, the sick, the afflicted, and the dying; and to make known the gospel to the lost.

Rev. Steve McDaniel is a 2002 graduate of Geneva Collage in Beaver falls, Pa, and a 2009 graduate of Westminster Seminary in Glenside PA. He was ordained in 2010 as the associate Pastor of Immanuel OPC in Bellmawr NJ.  At the beginning of the summer of 2014, Immanuel sent Rev McDaniel to partner with Providence OPC. In September Providence voted to call Rev. McDaniel as pastor. He was installed November 22, 2014.